Compaq Organize

Compaq Organize 3.3

Compaq Organize gives you access to all your favorite files, programs

Compaq Organize gives you quick access to all your favorite files, programs and web sites. This tool comes on your new Compaq Desktop PC and is easy to customize. Simply drag and drop files and web links into Compaq Organize then arrange them into categories that make sense to you. HP has provided default categories and service links so you can start using the tool immediately.

With one click Compaq Organize will launch your software or link to your PC data. Visit popular websites and pull the link down into Compaq Organize so that you can go there any time. Listen to music files and even watch a slide show of the pictures on your PC all while using only one program. You can even search for information without ever leaving this protective Compaq Organize space. Learn to do more, play more and just simply enjoy more because Compaq Organize houses the activities you most frequently do.

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